Build out and maintain your website using a built in advanced content management system to share your message with the public. Pages can be published on-demand as needed allowing you to share only the parts of your message that need to be.


Articles allow you to create and publish messages that are delivered directly to your members inbox. Message open rates are tracked so that you can track your open rate and ensure your information is seen by the public. Attach pictures and files to enhance your message.


Built in email style client allowing you to direct message your members or sub-groups of members within your organization. Attach pictures and files to enhance your message. Reply to messages directly from your email client to carry the conversation without having to log in to your Sportssjef App.

Social Media Links

Quickly copy direct links from sharable content to fan out your message. In addition to quick copy links, users can share directly to their personal social media feeds with open graph supported pages to further expand and share your message.