Build your questions and create public or private surveys to gain membership insights. Surveys can be shared via direct link, social media feeds, or with scannable QR codes. Managers manning the door can display the scannable QR code on their device to entering patrons for quick and easy survey access.

Vanity Emails

Mask real email addresses behind vanity email aliases. Using vanity emails allows you to hide true email destinations. Allow for contact addresses to be persisted as positions within your organization turn over. Vanity emails with multiple destinations allow for consistent service levels of shared responsibilities.


Registration setups allow you to manage multiple seasons of programming in all named divisions. Select any questions registrants must fill out upon registration. Have something to promote, or a special offer for specific registrants? Select promotions to highlight your partner promotions, or give discounts to specific users. Choose how your members will pay, and the payment schedule(s) supported for your program.